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Tel: 079709 38661 OR 07969 880177

I teach in SIX locations. I am available for lessons from 1pm to 8pm


Broadgreen Liverpool (just off the M62)

Crosby Liverpool

Davyhulme Manchester


Heswall Wirral







Oakvale Church

Broad green Lane


L13 5SH





Lostock Road



M41 0TD

(just off the M60)



The Methodist Church

Birchdale Road



L22 9QX




St George’s Parish Hall Church Street Altrincham WA14 4DB





Heswall Methodist Church Heswall CH60 0AE



8 Brunswick Road





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Singing Tuition Manchester and Liverpool         Techniques Explained

I offer tuition in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. On these pages I am going to share some of the principles that have helped me sing for over forty years and in a variety of genres.

I attribute my longevity to having studied the Italian or Bel Canto technique. There are four main principles to this method-  This is a simple explanation of the method- it makes singing very much easier. In fact when it is easy it is usually the right way.


1. Support the voice with breathing from the diaphragm and the muscles of the abdomen and back-incorporating the whole of the torso and lower body.

The diaphragm like all muscles can only work in one direction, it goes downwards lowering the pressure in the chest so that air is sucked into the lungs. The lungs are pear shaped so the more flexible the diaphragm and the lower it flexes the more air you get into your lungs. The muscles of the abdomen then flex to help push the diaphragm back into position. If you cough you can feel this process speeded up. 

2. Keep your throat open and do not use the muscles in your neck and jaw to try and sing.

3. Sing with Italianate vowel sounds that hit your facial resonators- you will make a beautiful sound and a bigger sound with less effort. To understand this I want you to think about a guitar or a violin. Why do these instruments have a funny shaped wooden box behind the strings? Because the wooden box makes the sound better and bigger- otherwise you may as well just put the strings on a plank.

4. Get the resonance in the right place ALL the time. Lower down in the voice the resonance has to be just behind your front teeth. As the notes

go higher the resonance changes and moves higher up the face and into the nose. But be careful no-one wants to listen to someone whose voice is too nasal.

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